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Phase 1: Ignition

Get the technical fundamentals in place and prepare yourself for the journey ahead.
This Phase is all about the FOUNDATIONS.

Ignition Phase Icon of Property Listing Engine

Whether you’re an independent realtor or the principal of a real estate agency, creating a successful online presence is a long-term undertaking. By “successful”, I mean it is generating appointments that lead to additional listings. But you should not expect instant results in a way that a newspaper ad might bring you phone calls in the week after publication.

As you will learn in the “Ignition Phase”, for search engines – especially Google – to start noticing your efforts, and for you to build a critical mass of followers, you need to pump fuel into your Listing Engine. And the best high-octane fuel is good content. Now what counts as good content will differ depending on whether you are adding it to Facebook, Twitter, you blog or whatever. This phase is all about starting your social media engine and you will get to know how to generate or find interesting and relevant content and how to publish it to the different parts of your engine.

Of course, building up content can only be a gradual progress. And search engines demand this. Google for instance, rewards sites that provide fresh, original content on a regular basis, but penalizes those sites it suspects of dumping content in a short space of time.

It might be best to visualize what a successful online presence would look like two years after you have started. By that time you will have accounts on all the main social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, and each of these will have a healthy following interested in your updates and willing to act on them or share them to people in their network who they think would be interested. I hope you are excited rather than daunted by this prospect because the Total Property Listing Engine Program will guide you every step of the way and make sure, starting here, everything is properly set up with the end goals in mind.