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Phase 3: Cruise Control

Set up the online and offline systems for maximum automation, efficiency and effectiveness to maintain your flow of increased leads and close sales, faster.
This Phase is all about CONSOLIDATION.

Cruise control Phase Icon of Property Listing EngineAs your Total Property Listing Engine begins to deliver results through additional appointments and listings, you will face a problem. You will need to be spending more time on following up your new leads and so have less time maintaining the very social media strategies that delivered those leads. Rather than have an up-and-down cycle of leads that comes when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, you want to ensure your efforts are maintained without adding strain to your daily schedule and, most importantly, your family life. This is the philosophy on which the 3 Principles of the Listing Engine Program is based on.

Entering the cruise control phase means you can adopt a range of real-world strategies and third-party tools that will streamline your social media activities. This will involve a mix of old-fashioned time management, technology, outsourcing and delegation.

By the end of this phase, you will be amazed by how productive and engaged you will APPEAR while you’re actually out listing more properties and closing more sales. Importantly, all the efficiencies you put in place in this phase will be vital for you to take full advantage of the Turbo Charge phase of the program. Better fasten your seat-belt now.