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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Total Property Listing Engine Membership Website?

This website contains all the lessons and materials available to members in the property industry. It is a genuine and most comprehensive training program  aimed at property-related service professionals who want to leverage the potential of online marketing, especially through social media. Only financial members have access to the tailor-made training.

How is the Listing Engine training program structured.

Listing Engine course structure chart

Take a look at chart to see how the Listing Engine course is structured.

There are 7 modules: Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Video, Integration and Social Media.

Members move through 4 phases in each of these modules: Ignition, Warm Up, Cruise Control and Turbo Charge. Each phase builds on the last.

This chart provides a visualization of the program structure.

How is the training delivered?

You access all lessons directly from this site. Each lesson consists of a video that provides a combination of necessary theory and recording of step-by-step processes that need to be completed.

AT LEAST 4 lessons will be delivered each week. Each is expected to take about 20-30 minutes to view. You will occasionally have an action task to complete sometime after certain lessons. This is to ensure you are actually taking concrete steps to building a lead generating marketing strategy and can convert more leads into listings.

You will granted access to lessons on the basis of how long you have been a member.

How long does the program take to complete?

This will depend on how long you take to complete lessons. Total Property Listing Engine will deliver at least 4 lessons per week while at “Agent Level” of membership. If you keep up with the relevant delivery schedule you can expect the program to take around 8-11 months.

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Why do you send through the course piece-meal? Can’t I just access everything at once?

There are several reasons for this.

The first reason is educational:

The second reason is practical: Experience shows that people are more likely to complete a long term learning experience or business strategy if it does in small increments. Few small businesses have the resources to implement a full-blown social media strategy on one decisive day. This course is designed with the busy realtor in mind who has many tasks competing for his or her attention.

The third is fairness: Implementing a social media strategy takes time, and to start seeing a large return –on-investment will take time. And opportunity always rewards the first movers. No matter when a person begins the Total Property Listing Engine program, everyone begins at the same point and moves through the program at the same pace. In other words, if you start six months before your main competitor, you will always have that six months head-start. What you do with that advantage is then, of course, up to you.

Can content be delivered as longer lessons?

In our research for the program there was a very even split between those who preferred weekly 2-hour lessons and those preferring daily 20-30 minute lessons. It was therefore decided to package and deliver the material as shorter, daily lessons. This would still allow those who prefer to do longer sessions to “save up” 4-5 lessons and do them all in a row.

What are the membership levels?

There are currently two levels of membership.

  1. Agent Level is where everyone begins and is essentially being a student of the course. You will be guided through the four phases of the course (Ignition, Warm Up, Cruise Control, Turbo Charge). At the end of the formal series of lessons, you will have the option to turn your membership into the “Alumni Level”
  2. As the name suggests the Alumni Level of membership is only available to those members who have been offered access to all formal parts of the Listing Engine Program. Alumi members will continue to have access to all lessons and forums. This can be useful, for instance, if you wanted to train, delegate or outsource tasks and want the to have the Listing Engine lessons for those tasks.

How do I make payment and join?

What if I forget my login details?

Simply click on the “Forgot Password” button on the login page to get a copy of your password sent to your email.

What is I don’t use my account for a few months?

Your lessons will continue to be delivered according to a pre-set delivery schedule unless you advise us of a pause in membership. We can pause your membership for up to 60 days during which time your will not be charged or receive any lessons.

Whom should I contact for further details?

Technical and billing Questions:

Sales and curriculum questions: or leave a message on twitter (@listingengine) or our facebook page (

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