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Total Property Listing Engine | Driving More Listings To Your Business
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Are you ready to dominate your local real estate market or niche?

Then stay tuned to this site as it prepare to launch the new standard in online training for realtors and agencies wishing to harness the enormous potential of social media networking.

Everything you will learn in this program and will be focused on achieving one or more of these 6 goals:

  1. Generate more leads
  2. Win more listings
  3. Enhance your credibility
  4. Expand your profile
  5. Sell properties faster
  6. Appreciate your business assets

Every aspect of the training program is being designed and produced with your needs and circumstances in mind. We are being guided by three principles:

  1. A professional realtor’s interests and expertise is in real estate (not whizz-bang internet technologies).
  2. Your time is extremely limited (and therefore precious).
  3. Marketing efforts must have real value.

And what does “real value” mean? Well only those actions that in some way contribute to one or more of those goals mentioned above will be suggested.

Dominating the social media space for your local area or niche takes time; you will need about 7-12 months of regular action to see significant progress towards achieving these goals. One reason for this time frame is because it takes time to build a network, and for search engines to  start giving your online efforts high ranking.

So the sooner you begin, the sooner you benefit. Register your interest below to ensure you get immediate access to the Total Property Listing Engine Program when it opens.